Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happiness within boundaries vs Danger and Death without limits

Galatians 4:2
  • but he is under guardians and managers until the date set by his father.

We were once under the guardians and managers of the law of Moses. We once lived under the power and control of the law of Moses. We thought that we could reach adulthood by obeying the law of Moses.

But we were wrong, the reason we were not free was not because we could not keep the law perfectly or obey the guardians and managers perfectly as the above example illustrates.

But we were immature that is why the law had to restrain our madness and folly by showing us what is crazy and foolish thing to do. But once Jesus came to reveal what perfect righteousness is, we reached adulthood by understanding that Jesus is the righteous one who perfectly fulfilled the law of Moses by His own life, death, burial and resurrection.

Our motivation changes from that of the fear of a slave towards a master to please Him to the love of an adopted child towards their loving Father who adopted us in Jesus.

The way we live is no longer defined by the list of rules to follow, but by our desire to be in continuous, loving relationship with our loving Father in Jesus.

Father gave us commands to follow, not because He is mean, but because He cares about our happiness and joy.

He clearly said that if we, being a child, play around on a road, we'd get hurt or even killed. That is why he put boundaries around the front yard of our house so that we could be free within those boundaries and be just as happy and joyful, playing around on the lawn, safe and sound.

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