Sunday, August 18, 2013

Grace, Freedom, Love and Holy Spirit

Galatians 2:18
  • For if I rebuild what I tore down, I prove myself to be a transgressor.

If Paul tries to be justified by God through legalism again, he'd be deluding himself, as no person can be and will be justified by anything other than faith in Jesus by God's grace.

Paul preached grace rather than legalism for the salvation of all people.

Salvation by grace through faith alone is the teaching Jesus delivered to His disciples, including Paul. 

If anyone was to start keeping the law of Moses, it would be like rebuilding the old system of the law which was to bring everyone under the law to be condemned. The role of the law was to help everyone realise their inability to keep the whole law, and to convict us of our sins.

Paul tore down the teaching of legalism, and learned grace of God through faith in Jesus.

If Paul tried to continue keeping the law of Moses, he'd still be a trangressor, because no one can keep the law perfectly and completely.

Only Jesus did. Therefore, He is like one of us, human being, yet He's sinless and perfect in His holiness. The God-man Jesus died as a spotless lamb taking away our sins. 

So, let us not be laden with a heavy burden of keeping the law for the sake of keeping the law, but rather let us keep the law of love and the Spirit.

Let us love one another as we can. Let us follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

Let us ask Him for wisdom and knowledge to live each day to His glory and our joy. 

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