Monday, August 19, 2013

Life Worth Living

Galatians 2:19
  • For through the law I died to the law, so that I might live to God.

Through the law, we die to the law. The wages of sin is death. All the demands of the law that have not been met required transgressors to pay for their sin with their death.

We paid the penalty for our sins by dying on the cross in Jesus. Therefore, the law has been done away with when died with Jesus in Him.

This is why the law has no power over us to guide us in this life any more because our motivation does not stem from keeping the law any longer, but our motivation comes from our desire to love God and love His people we belong to, and to serve our neighbours just as God served us and saved us.

Before the cross of Jesus was available to us, we may have lived to keep each and every precept of the law, in the hope that we may be acceptable in God's eyes. Additionally, even as an unbeliever, we may have lived in such a way that we tried to keep the law that we thought were right and meaningful to us.

Many of us would have been affected by our parent's method of upbringing and the demands of the society at large. So, we were slaves to the expectations and demands of the people around us.

God now freed us from all those human expectations and demands, and allowed us to live freely in Jesus.

We are no longer enslaved by sin because the Holy Spirit is in us to guide us and help us in our troubles and comfort us in our sufferings.

I no longer live to the law because I died to the law in Jesus. Now, I am living to God.

I belong to Jesus. I am only found in Jesus. I live this life in Him.

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